Unifi Controller Not Adopting Switches

Happy Friday Everyone:

I moved my Unifi controller to a different VLAN than the switches it connects to.
I can ping in both directions but when I login to the switches I get Status Unreachable for the controller despite re-setting Set-Inform, etc.

I saw an article on UI.com about “enabling inter-vlan networking.” Is this what I need to do? And where do I do this?

Right now I am routing through Pfsense and I checked that all my firewall rules are working properly.

Thanks for the help!

UPDATE: I had a NAT setting left over from when I was running Unfi in Docker that I neglected to remove. Once removed everything adopted correctly.
Tried to delete this post to avoid clutter but I think 5pm on a Friday means I should be doing something else right now!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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