UniFi Cloud Key and UniFi Controller on same LAN?


So I bought a Gen2 Cloud Key a while ago before I learned a lot more about networks. Fast forward to today and I now have two servers hosting VM’s using XCP-ng. I switched from the Cloud Key to hosting my own controller on a Ubuntu VM as I also host a few other sites in the UniFi controller. That said, I occasionally play with my lab and almost locked myself out of everything as I broke the server hosting the UniFi VM and then did not have an easy way to manage the UniFi switches and VLANS on certain ports. Luckily, I recovered it without having to start from scratch.

I was wondering if I can continue to host the external sites on the VM controller but manage my “home” UniFi equipment from the Cloud Key? I use a Netgate SG-3100 as the firewall but everything else is UniFi. Currently, the SG-3100 has a couple of NAT firewall rules to point to the VM, UniFi controller for external devices, I use HA Proxy on the SG-3100 for port 443. (thanks Tom for the video on that, it was very helpful)

So, if I only want to use the Cloud Key for the local UniFi kit, am I going to have any issues? As a side benefit, I would also be able to try UniFi Protect but that’s not the main reason for using the Cloud Key. I just want something physical controlling my kit at home.

I don’t see a reason why you can’t have both.

:+1:t2: Will give it a go and post an update on here. Just did not want to miss something obvious and give myself hours of work trying to fix it.

Tested a spare AP and seems OK but will be interesting to see if the network migrates over without any issues.

The first thing what came on my mind was “Put the VM with the Unifi Controller in a DMZ” :wink: