UniFi as core switch

What is your opinion using UniFi switches in a core environment?
I figure Ill go 2x Enterprise 24ports.

We have like 60 unifi units. 50ish users, its just a big warehouse area.
vmware, some vlans (do not use layer3 routing).
Just some numbers, small to mid size.

Some quite mission critical thing. We had a power outage on a phase that drained one of our ups and one switch went out of power.

I looked around and I like UniFis power connection back at their switches, one of the reason I look into UniFi.
They will replace 10+year old procurves (not even aruba)

I have several at clients that have over 3,000 users and has been running just fine since we installed it back in 2019. Of note, if you are using it for something that CAN NOT have any down time, turn off the automatic updates so you can schedule them when you know it won’t disrupt services.

Thanks that is what I wanted to hear.

I get so much more hardware for less, it service error if I do not consider UniFi.
I can read between the lines that the sellers are pushing other brands (much more expensive) rather than UniFi, however they supports it but it might need more hours if help is needed.

Regarding the update. Is it usual OK to update all non critical switches at one point and save the core ones for later… (maybe running older fw for a week)

Yes you can choose when to update the switches - all at once, or in batches. I would start from the equipment farthest from the main switch / firewall and work inwards.

Do not updaye multiply switches when there are connected together

Look at the release notes to see what has been improved, fixed etc

If you intent to update the controller software, again schedule this but you can do anytime as it does not take down the unifi harware.

Thanks, great feedback. I feel secure with my choice with UniFi even in the server-room now.

Regarding the wifi side, we had used Ruckus at one moment, we wasnt happy with it, had strange behaviour with legacy clients. Since we have an industy warehouse, many devices are not the newest in terms of wifi generation.
Tried UniFi in their childhood and have never looked back.

We also looked in Meru for their roaming speciality, but they did want to replace all our backbone with their own thing (we have ubiquiti airmax for long range point to point which works really really well)