Unifi AP Recommendation?

We currently have two Aerohive AP130s installed and looking at a Renewal cost of 244 for HiveManager (Per Year)(122 per AP), So I was thinking the AP AC LR would be good or the AC Pro? This is a office of about 10 people, With a conference room also, that can hold around 20 people.

The UAP-AC-Pro has a higher maximum speed, as it has 3x3 MIMO support. The UAP-AC-LR matches the radio of the AP130 and should have much better coverage. Coverage comparison between the AP130 and the UAP models is difficult because they don’t have exactly the same information on their datasheets.

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AC Pro for sure or the NanoHD. Both are awesome. That LR is a marketing term imo.

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From the info you’ve given, I would go with the AC Pro. I have never used the LR because the signal from the device has to make it back to the AP and I feel like if that’s going to be an issue, you should just put another AP in.

Actually that’s exactly Ubiquiti’s argument as to what makes their LR AP different from just a “high power” AP. Instead of boosting the transmit power, the LR AP has a better antenna and receive circuitry.