Unifi AP AC Pro no telemetry received


I am new to Unifi Network with multisite. I successfully adopted the AP AC Pro locally before deploying remotely. While the AP AC Pro Gen 2 works as expected, my controller isn’t receiving any telemetry from the AP, why?

It is running the least firmware
The following ports on my EdgeRouter X SFP are open (i.e. port forward) namely 8080 (TCP), 8443 (TCP) and 3478 UDP

I also did set the AP via SSH to gets its configuration (locally provisioned) from a FQDN via

set-inform https://www.mydomain.com/inform

What else should/could I try?

Testing from an external site where it is deployed and verify that those ports are accessible

Thanks @LTS_Tom. Port scanner from an external computer returned the following:

80: Open
81: Closed: hosts2-ns
443: Open: https
8080: Open: https
8443: Open: https-alt

If the ports are open and accessible then it’s time to start packet tracing to figure out why they are not getting to where they need to be.

Thanks @LTS_Tom. Would there a video that you star in talks about how to do packet tracing?

I have a video on how to do it with pfsense https://youtu.be/a9t_7JKpsmg but for many other firewall you need to setup a port tap / SPAN port to mirror the traffic

Thanks for the link. I’m using an Edgerouter X SFP, though.

@LTS_Tom…if I go through these steps from Ubiquiti to do a capture, will this be a good way to find out what’s going on?

link: https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/204962304-EdgeRouter-Capturing-Packets

Thank you so far for all your help.

I have to share my experience to end this damn thread properly by sharing my horrible experience with this community.

After much trial and error for weeks with Ubiquiti support, I have decided to no longer use the EdgeRouter X SFP. Not that the hardware is broken. It is not. The firmware is broken. I test this by using the USG 3P and that router works perfectly. By perfectly, I mean that I can port forward my traffic to my UISP and get telemetry from my remote EdgeRouters. My Unifi AP at remote locations also send telemetry back to my self-hostted Unifi Network Controller.

Second, the Site-to-Site VPN works between (in this scenario) the USG 3P and the EdgeRouter X. Conversely and ironically, this feature is utterly broken when it’s used between and EdgeRouter X and EdgeRouter X SFP. Both were running FW 1.10.11 and I told support that I refuse to upgrade to the latest because latest just sucks (I tried it all … big waste of time)

I’m done ranting. If anyone has any questions, I’d be happy to answer.

Ubiquiti stuff has been getting worse. Not sure if it’s because the EdgeMax software seems to be the black sheep of the family now or not. It certainly feels that way.