Unifi Access Point Installation

Not sure what category to add this under, but I recently saw an installation video Tom had posted regarding the installation of several Wifi Access Points inside a warehouse.

I have a project that will require access points being installed in an open ceiling such as this warehouse. Do you or anyone in here, have a good way to install those access points from beam trusses? I have seen others that just used long zip ties, but hate to do that. Kind of an eye-sore if you ask me.

I am just looking for how Tom and his team might have mounted these access points in this warehouse. I couldn’t see from the video.

Any advice would really be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Two options I would consider.

Run cable tray out to the AP’s to take the cable and mount the AP to the tray. Looks good but is more expensive per m. (mount the cable tray using beam clamps)

Run the cable with j hooks and either mount the AP directly with a beam clamp or mount a length of u-channel strut to the beam and then mount the AP to the strut.

The cable tray is by far the best looking approach and keeps the cable supported fully along it’s length but it works out at ~£10 / m for the tray, clamps, joints etc.

That topic is covered in this thread: