UniFi access point disconnection issues

I recently upgraded my network switch from an 8 year HP model to a brand new Cisco small business switch. In doing so my UniFi AP-AC-Lite access point started having disconnection issues. It disconnects all the time when in auto negotiate. When I set it to static it is better but still will disconnect about 5 times a week (that I notice). I have tried different cables and ports so it doesn’t seem to be a switch or wiring issue (but not ruling that out). I also noticed on the spec sheet that it has a gigabit network port but will ONLY negotiate at 100 Mbps. If I set it for 1000 Mbps the access port will NOT connect at all. I have also tried re provisioning the AP, I have tried to forget it and relink it to UniFi. I have tried setting static channels in UniFI and turned off Uplink Connectivity Monitor that was suggested in the Unifi forums. So now I am running out of ideas and my wife is getting annoyed so I am wondering if anyone seen anything like this before? Do you have any other ideas that I haven’t thought of?

What shows as disconnected, the AP or the Cisco ?

Try a full reset on both, check for OS updates.

I would also try putting the HP back to see if the AP is at fault.

The wireless network drops connections and the Cisco reports it as “port 1 down”. Everything is up to date and I tried resetting the AP using the pinhole reset switch. I will have to try the other switch again to see what it does.

Update: I SSH’d into the AP and did a factory reset and it has been fine ever since.