Unaccounted Data Use - Please Help

Hello Everyone, I have a situation where my internet data usage statistics are very different to my carriers usage stats. Let me set the scene first, my only internet means is via a mobile broadband connection (4G), I’m using a Netgear Nighthawk M1 as my 4G modem using IPpassthough mode onto my complex Ubiquiti network, via a USG. I reset my USG usage statistics every month when my 4G account rolls over, so I can track my internet data usage (4G is expensive in Australia). Now, here is where my issue is, my USG stats say I have used 70GB of data throughout the WAN to the internet, my carrier says for the same period, I have used 90GB, noting the period is for 9 days in this case. So there is a discrepancy and I don’t know how to find it… the 70GB sounds about right when I look at all the stats in the USG for all devices…when I download and view the carriers logs for my activity, I can see there is a fair bit of data being used at odd early hours in the mornings when we are all sleeping, but the USG stats do not show that. I would like to know how I can capture data packets and stats outside of the USG only in between the WAN on the USG and the ethernet port on the 4G modem ? I also think that the modem itself is doing something odd, although its in passthrough mode and there should be no other action happening… any advice would be great. Regards Steve

Data cap that sounds terrible :grimacing:

You might want to investigate Zabbix there might be some useful features that you can use without cost to monitor devices on your network independently of your Unifi setup. Sounds like something is dialling out without your knowledge.