Unable to perform ZFS replication from encrypted pool to another encrypted pool

Hi, I followed the instructions in How To Backup Your FreeNAS 11.3 Using ZFS Replication - YouTube

I got this error in the replication task error logs
cannot receive new filesystem stream: encryption property ‘encryption’ cannot be set or excluded for raw streams. ’

Please advise. Thanks

Not an issue I have encountered, make sure the source and the destination are running the same version of TrueNAS and that both have the ZFS pool setup using the same encryption. Also check their forums if others have posted that error message. TrueNAS Community

Thanks, will redo the pools again with the same encryption keys

No dice… same issue : Replication “truenas1Pool1_Data/truenas1_dataset - truenas2Pool1_Data/truenas2_dataset” failed: cannot receive new filesystem stream: zfs receive -F cannot be used to destroy an encrypted filesystem or overwrite an unencrypted one with an encrypted one warning: cannot send ‘truenas1Pool1_Data/truenas1_dataset@auto-2022-06-29_10-33’: signal received…

I do have a newer video on the topic

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Thanks , @LTS_Tom ! It works now. I had to choose the pool and create a subfolder. Also, your issue raised has not been fixed in TrueNAS-13.0-RELEASE