Unable to Edit exiting Alias in PFSENSE

I just ran into this and wanted to share with the community just in case anyone else an into this.
Problem: I could see my aliases but when I would try to modify them it would take me to the page where you are creating a new Alias.

Solution: It turns out Microsoft’s new Edge browser was not handling the process correctly.
I Logged back into the firewall with Chrome and I can edit the Aliases with no issue.

Hope this helps someone else out.

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I don’t think anyone should be using the Microsoft Edge browser and this is one more reason why not too.

The newest Edge is built on Chrome, it should work, but looks like they found a way to mess it up again.

Works fine for me using Chromium Edge.

I was troubleshooting this with Chromium edge. Im wondering if it has something to do with me not using the default management port. Like the redirection is failing.

Just tested on another pfSense box I manage that uses a different port and it also worked just fine.

Your welcome to delete the post. Its something I can easily reproduce on two different devices.
I posted this on reddit and the pfsense forums as well so even if its deleted here they will be able to find it.