Ubiquiti Unifi Controller

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday i upgraded my unifi controller 5.10.20 from 5.8.30. I grabbed a snapshot before doing anything in AWS so all good there. Usually I apt-get update/upgrade before using wget to download the deb package. This time did the same steps i normally would except i see it scrolling through the ssh session and see “unifi” “unifi” “unifi” “unifi” “unifi” “unifi” “upgrading unifi”. So it appears the unifi apt repository got added to my sources.list.

How would this get added? I know the server itself has not been compromised as there is no pw login, is only available from my public ip and uses an AWS generated key that I am confident is in a secure place.

The deb package can install an apt repository.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…is that in the documentation somewhere?