Ubiquiti AP's Multi SSID Issue

Currently stumped on an access point issue. We are using a Ubiquiti USG Pro along with a couple of unmanaged switches one which feeds several UniFi UAP-AC-Pros. We currently use both LAN1 and LAN2 of the USG to connect to individual unmanaged switches, both LAN ports get internet from WAN1 (WAN2 is not used). LAN1 is set to a subnet and LAN2 is set to We can ping devices between .3 and .5 subnets. The AP’s are hardwired into the switch that is fed from LAN1 and already have Private and Guest SSID broadcasting. We added a 3rd SSID to these AP’s and selected LAN2 as the network in our UniFi controller (6.0.28). AP’s broadcast all three SSID’s with no issues but when you connect to the SSID for the .5 network you still are assigned a .3 IP address. Is there a setting we are missing our will our current config not work as we are intending?

I’m not familiar with the USG pro, but let me know if I read your post correctly: It seems you are trying to assign an IP from the LAN2 subnet, on the LAN1 interface, and these are two different physical ports on the USG Pro?

My guess would be you are using a VLAN and If you want VLAN traffic to work properly you need managed switches.