U6 Pro stripping VLAN tags on default VLAN?

Hi everybody,

I have recently purchased a U6 Pro and am trying to get it to work with my VLANs configuration. Prior to purchasing it, I did some research online and what I found led me to believe that Unifi APs do not remove VLAN tags from packets they receive; they forward them unchanged by default. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be working with my setup.

I have a Proxmox server which is connected with an ethernet cable to a TP-Link extender (RE705X) itself connected over WiFi to the U6 Pro. The U6 Pro is powered by a POE++ injector and is connected to a 10Gb Mikrotik switch. The switch is connected to a pfSense router that offers DHCP service to the entire network. I run a self-hosted controller (8.0.7).

I want the Proxmox server to obtain an IP address from the default VLAN and its VMs to be able to obtain IP addresses from different VLANs. This works perfectly fine when the server is connected directly to the switch so I know the router and the switch are configured correctly. When the server is connected via the WiFi extender, it obtains the correct IP address from the default VLAN but the VMs that need to get an IP address from different VLANs never connect.

Note that the AP correctly assigns IPs from my different VLANs when a device connects directly to the AP via a separate SSID set for a specific VLAN but it seems like VLAN tags get stripped when passing through the default VLAN.

I would appreciate any advice anyone could offer to resolve the issue.

Thank you.

UniFi used to pass all VLAN traffic, now it only passes defined VLANs across the switches.

Hi @LTS_Tom. Thanks for answering. That is not what I was hoping to hear! :cry:

Do you know what APs will pass all VLAN traffic?

Edit: Meant to ask which brands had APs passing all VLAN traffic in their offering. It’s unlikely you know about all APs!! :laughing:

UniFi will do it, but you have to define each VLAN. Not really sure what other ones will or will not.

Hi @LTS_Tom,

I have defined wireless networks for specific VLANs in the U6 Pro and these work fine. Unfortunately, since I need the server and its VMs to get IPs from different VLANs, I need an AP that will forward all VLAN traffic to the rest of my network, just like a wired switch does.

Thanks for your help.