Tutorial: Building A Fully Open Source Virtualization Lab With XCP-NG & Xen

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Thank you your channel is a regular goto for me. I found the tutorial very interesting/informative and it helped me select XCP-NG as the platform for my home lab. I have started working on installing on elitebook 8460p laptops (dual core i5, 1tb hd and 16gb ram each). The 2 problems I ran into right away were: 1) no wifi support out of the box although I saw notes that wpa_supplicant was included in the image (wanted to use the laptop’s built in wireless nic for node management) and 2) xen does not want to use USB based nics (wanted to have a firewall VM running on the host with 1 nic going to my LAN and a second nic going to my cable modem) and 2 physical nics would give me full bandwidth.

I could not find a how-to on enabling wifi (still searching) but I found a proposed write-up from 2.5 years ago (an eternity in the tech world) on the USB NIC for use in lab situations (https://ericeikrem.com/index.php/en/how-tos/455-xenserver-lab-setup-usb-nic-gb). I was wondering if you knew of a tutorial for enabling wifi on the underlying node OS (centos) so that I could manage the node via wifi and what your thoughts are on using USB nics.