TrueNAS Windows ACL with Computers

Hi there,

We are using the latest version of TrueNAS on our Windows domain and I would like to let certain computers have open access to shares. What i’ve done is put the computers on the domain into a group called “TrueNAS Workstations” and added that group to the shared folders, however when accessing those folders from the computers in that group, it’s still presenting a username and password prompt.

What’s the best way to allow a group of computers to have open access to a SMB share from TrueNAS?

Thank you


Found this on google
*"Go to “Sharing”, and “Windows Shares (SMB)”. Select Allow Guest Access if you would like guests to view your files without a password Note that some Windows 10 and Server systems have Guest Access disabled by default, and on MacOS you will need to set the “Connect as:” option to “Guest”. Click “SAVE” when done.11 Mar 2020"

not sure if the guest account will work if ACL is active on the share