TrueNAS Storage layout advise


I am building a TrueNAS system with 1x Dell PowerEdge R610 as host. Attached to it are
1x Dell PowerVault MD1200 (12x 3TB LFF HDD)
1x Dell PowerVault MD1220 (24x 1TB SFF HDD)

The storage are connected via daisy chain and the connected to TrueNAS host on IT mode HBA card.

The purpose the the storage is to store XCP-NG VM and also to be used as backup storage backend for our windows computer.

Could anyone please advise if I should put both PowerVault into 1 big pool or will I be better creating 1x pool per PowerVault ?

The next question is: if I set 2x pool and use the 24x bays storage for xcp-ng (because I could upgrade to ssd later) what is the best disk layout for performance?

My understanding is that I need mirrors for performance. So setting the 24x bay storage as 8 three-disk mirror vdevs is what I would assume is the best to do but not sure.

If I use the 12x LFF storage as backup, what type of layout should I be looking at? My tough was 1x pool of 12 HDD in raidz2 but very not sure on that one.

The plan is to use NFS so I can have thin provisioning.

Thank you all in advance.

I have several articles and a few videos here that break down the pros and cons of each layout

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Is the PERC H800 RAID controller compatible with ZFS?

The H800 doesn’t seem support IT mode.

Thank you very much. I’ll go and watch it now

@LTS_Tom looking at the link you left in your forum post, it look like I would be better creating 2x pool.
The windows backup storage would be 12 bay storage set as 2x 6-wide RAIDZ2 configuration and the VM storage will be the 24x bay will e mirrored for performance.

Could you please clarify for me if 1x set of mirror = 1xvdev? for example if I create 8 three-disk mirror vdevs, is that 1x pool with 3 vdev, each vdev has 3x disks in mirror?

Also if I wanted to add ZIL or log later, will I be better keeping space and create 7 three-disk mirror vdevs so I can then have 1x spare and 1x Zil 1x Slog