Truenas Scale Crash/Lockip

Good day to all,

So before I delve into the problem, below are specs for what I use for Truenas Scale/Core basic setup. After I figure out what is causing this issue, I will be adding LSI HBA Cards and an Intel x550 card.

Motherboard: Supermicro x11ssh

CPU: Intel E3-1245v5 4c/8t

Memory: 64gig Micron DDR4 2400mhz ECC

Hard Drives: 2-Western Digital Red 8tb 5460rpm 128meg cache CMR – mirrored

2-Samsung 870 Evo 500gig 2.5” SSD mirrored for apps/jails

2-PNY Optima 120gig mirrored boot drives.

Network Cards: Onboard Intel i210 1gb ethernet controller

Power supply is 600 watt 80+ Gold

Now for the problem that is extremely frustrating, this is NOT a hardware issue from what I can tell by the various troubleshooting steps I have done.

After I install Truenas scale, setting up a test Dataset and SMB share and user, the moment I try and transfer any data, 300megs, 30gigs, Scale freezes and locks up to the point my only option is to IPMI reset or do a hard shut down. Randomly on a couple of occasions, there were a few transfers that went through, but overall Scale just locks up. This DOES NOT happen on CORE.

The only thing that pops up in Scale console screen aside from typical IP/system settings is an EDID Block 0 error, which is related to the ASPEED onboard controller for VGA/BMC. So far this points to Scale being the issue.

Supermicro has the current BIOS/BMC-IPMI firmware installed.

Truenas Scale is installed on the 120gig mirrored SSDs, with 16gig swap file, in UEFI mode, have tried Legacy mode install. Boots normally and allows clean access with no problems.

Mounted the 2 Samsung SSDs and created a Dataset to store App data, configurations, backups Etc.

Mounted the 2 WD Red drives in an initial Mirror with multiple main Datasets, I.E. Documents, Music, Videos, Programs etc.

The transfers will start out strong, and gradually fall off hitting 0mb transfer, causing windows to not be able to find to folder share, at that point browser shows searching for Truenas, and IPMI shows nothing out of the ordinary.

IPMI doesn’t show any alerts, systems issues, temp issues, cpu, nothing.
Ran memtest, memory checks fine. It’s running at 2133mhz which shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Steps I have used to try and solve the issue are as follows:

Swapped out the 64gig Micron for a single 16gig Samsung stick. – Same issues.
Hooked up both 1gig Nic ports – Same issue.
Tried Network Flow control – Same issue.
Haven’t tried port binding (LAG), however I don’t see it being a speed issue.
Tried moving Truenas server to the same switch as either the workstation or VM server. – Same Issue
Tried direct connection to workstations, laptops, etc

No one in the iXsystems community forum answers or offers ideas, let alone from the admins taking interest. This problems seems unique enough to warrant investigation, at the very least on a community scale. Again though no one responds to think reporting it to bug tracking.

The only thing I could think of are the onboard NICs on my machines/Windows 10/11, but again Core works fine. I have several x550-T2 cards at my disposal to try using instead of onboard NICs, again don’t see this being an issue.

I would like to use Scale for the better plugins and app integration, I use a separate T-1 Hypervisor Server, and want to be able to remote to Scale for remote clouding. Since Core support has fallen off for jails and plugins, the only option left is to install and configure jails through cli and scripts, which I am not a fan of given the issues people have reported on the forums.

There are very few options for NAS software, that are Turnkey to a point.

So what I am missing?

Have you looked in the syslogs to see if anything stands out?

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