TrueNAS replication issues

So I always have replication issues and happens all the time, if I move my build around. Is it me or this is how zfs really works?

In past, when I reinstalled truenas scaled which used to be truenas core, I import pool and I was unable to start replication where I left last time.

This time, I exported my pool from scale and moved those two mirror disk to source system, imported and tried replication, it was asking me to start replication all over again and said

“Destination Snapshots Are Not Related to Replicated Snapshots”.

I remember I did final replication before exporting disk.

Is this normal behavior that I have to start replication fresh everytime?

Not something I have tested much because while we do resume jobs from systems being updated I have not spent much time testing restarting a replication job after a system migration.

Do you mind looking into this? I don’t have that much resources and disk to do testing at disposable as you do. I would really appreciate and may be a video?

These are scenario where it failed all the time.
I export pool and reinstall system. Import pool back and start replication again from source to technically new system. It failed all the time for me.

Second is exporting disks and moving to different system like from core to scale. and start replication again and see if it do all over or from where it was left.

Key is to make sure replication start from where it was left over and not all over again.