Truenas drives - spinning or SSD?

I need to cycle some drives out of one of my Truenas machines, currently I have WD Red 1tb 2.5 inch drives, the current version (now RED Plus) sells for around $80 usd. I’m looking at some of the cheaper SSD drives that are 3D nand, and not sure I want to go that direction, but thought I would ask. Price on several “1tb” sized SSD is comparable to the spinning drive. The ones I’m looking at have SLC cache and ECC correction (or so they claim).

Big reads are fairly common for this server, but rarely have writes (right now). Big writes might happen if I can get another piece of hardware to see the shares, then I may record video streams directly from our TV studio into this NAS (compressed h.264 mp4 files at roughly 12mbps).

I wouldn’t buy consumer SSD"s personally, I’ve had more than one fail when it was getting heavy usage. Less when I went to enterprise rated drives.

Maybe go with the WD Red SA500, Segate IronWolf 125, or I’ve had good luck with the Synology SAT5200. There are still a few others, these are just what I have personally used.

I am staying away from SSD until I we really see some endurance numbers for NAS. I in the past I have had WD RED CMR’s and now moved to Seagate Ironwolf drives. As I rotate drive out I move to larger drives and use the older drives in a old TrueNAS in a Raid or Stripe config to support backups from a few Synolgoy’s and computers. At work our storage clusters use SSD Tier 1 “cache” that will writes it’s content to spinning disks.

I’m inclined to replace with what I have installed. The 3D stuff kind of troubles me, especially with the voltages we are trying to read back. If I could get SLC SSD’s for the lower prices, I might do it.

These Red NAS (now RED NAS Pro) have been good to me, not the fastest storage in the world, but enough to do what we need. This server only has a gigabit connection and no real stress factors making me think of changing to faster drives and 10gb connection.