TrueNAS Core 12 User and Group ACL Permissions and SMB Sharing

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Is it really normal to still see my delete datasets? I can’t see my newly created datasets.
I’ve restarted the SMB and even the server but nothing happens…

Do you mean the shares and are you in Windows? Someimtes Windows needs a reboot as it will cache shares that it have been accessed before.

Thanks for this, I need to sit down and watch this video when I can concentrate… It is the end of the semester for in person classes, and projects are due by Tuesday. Everyone that put things off is now rushing to get the work done. But this is something that I’ve still had trouble getting to work on 11.3-u? at home where I don’t have an AD to authenticate user permissions. I mention this because it may be part of my problem. At work I can use AD to set the groups that are allowed to do things and it almost seems like the AD part is required. Anyway, I’ll hopefully have time to work on this after the not-holiday (not supposed to travel or gather).

Yes, After creating new groups and users I still saw deleted datasets…

Hey Tom I upgraded from freenas to truenas 12.0-Release. I have created 4 different users with corresponding groups . I want to delete the users and start over but fear I will lose data. Currently I can only login as root and think its best to start over again, unless you have have other ideas. Thank you

You set user permissions on the data and deleting the users should not delete the data.