Truenas 12.0-u4 ACL issues

I have two servers set up running truenas 12.0-u4 and both systems are connected to A.D. One is off site with replication task / snapshots set every hour. All my users that have ACL permissions can see inside of the share, but if I add any new ACL user to the share they can’t see any subfolder in that share. I have cloned a snapshot on the backup server and it seems to have the same issue. I can see that all my datasets still gave the correct amount of data stored in them and I can still see all the data in the folder that I’m mapped to. It just appears that all the data is gone for any new ACL user.

Any suggestions on what I can do to solve this issue?

Not an issue I have run into, might want to post this in the TrueNAS forums.