Trouble mounting SMB or NFS Remote backup target for XCPNG

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain and show examples! That’s exactly what I needed to get it to sink in. Now I’ve got my NFS shares set up, but I have a new issue when trying to run a backup.

“data”: {
“mode”: “full”,
“reportWhen”: “failure”
“id”: “1703149508496”,
“jobId”: “19aa5f0b-8129-4e3c-9921-6de82e984870”,
“jobName”: “VM Backup”,
“message”: “backup”,
“scheduleId”: “5b498048-bc26-472f-a09f-76e59c52e397”,
“start”: 1703149508496,
“status”: “failure”,
“end”: 1703149508515,
“result”: {
“message”: “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘healthCheckSr’)”,
“name”: “TypeError”,
“stack”: “TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘healthCheckSr’)\n at executor (file:///opt/xo/xo-builds/xen-orchestra-202312201600/packages/xo-server/src/xo-mixins/backups-ng/index.mjs:201:41)\n at file:///opt/xo/xo-builds/xen-orchestra-202312201600/packages/xo-server/src/xo-mixins/jobs/index.mjs:265:30\n at Jobs._runJob (file:///opt/xo/xo-builds/xen-orchestra-202312201600/packages/xo-server/src/xo-mixins/jobs/index.mjs:294:22)\n at Jobs.runJobSequence (file:///opt/xo/xo-builds/xen-orchestra-202312201600/packages/xo-server/src/xo-mixins/jobs/index.mjs:334:7)\n at Api.#callApiMethod (file:///opt/xo/xo-builds/xen-orchestra-202312201600/packages/xo-server/src/xo-mixins/api.mjs:445:20)”

I’ll mess with it a bit and see what I can get going, if I keep having trouble I’ll open a new thread as this ones question has pretty much been answered I think.

Thanks again for helping out an XCPNG noobie. I got frustrated and switched back over to Proxmox initially, but everything seemed slow and jerky compared to XCPNG so I decided to come back and give it a real try. Things seemed to fall into place once I redid my XOA VM.

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!