Trends share issue on m40 and mini xls

Can anyone give me some assistance. I have to M40 HA and other Mini XLs and can only get iSCSi to work. For some reason smb and nfs not working when AL’S are enabled. I got NFS to work today but it was open and when I tried to limit network devices for share it failed. Been working with iXSystems on this for a while not resolved yet. This holds true with machines on and off the domain as well. No AD integration as well. Anyone know how to get this resolved on windows server 2012 and up. My other site running Freenas no domain has no issues at all so at a loss.

Not really sure what wrong but I do have a tutorial on the new ACL system which includes showing how to strip ACL’s

It would seem odd though that IX Systems would be unable to solve this.

Me either and most of my Freenas/Truenas knowledge came from your videos and implementing. We stripped ACLs built from scratch and I have sent more debugs than the Orkin man. It has to be something relatively simple biting us.

If this was an in place upgrade check the base permission of the data set they may be nested under. There was a forum post somewhere on their site or mine where that was the issue.

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Unfortunately all these were net new. 5+ Mini XL different sites 2x M40 HA different datacenters. Same issue. Been a pain as iSCSi eats so much storage. Had to get two new expansion shelves due to demand of backups and not able to use smb or nfs.