Traffic split into data and management

I’m trying to do something on my own. I’ve started to use virtual machines and study networking. Long story short, I want to make a distributed firewall and split the incoming traffic into protocols, let’s say I have a main fw, then I split into 3 fw using ipv4 for data and ipv6 for management, then I collect all the traffic into a switch/router/fw and then I leave it into the network. What do you think about this ideea? I want to build something on my own, I don’t need an AIO solution that is already on the market. Can this be possible? Thanks.

I am very unclear on what exactly you are asking for.

I want to separate the network into VLAN’s - one for data and one for management. After that, I give priority to one VLAN or the other. I want to split the traffic for special services, into 3 fw that manage them, then I gather all the traffic into a router and release it into the network. What do you think about this?

Sounds much more complicated than what could be achieved by using a single router/firewall with sufficient functionality - e.g. EdgeRouter, Mikrotik, PFSense, Untangle.

I was thinking to use 4 pfSense’s for this.

I’m sure you can achieve your separation/security and priority goals with just 1 PFSense.

You’re splitting up the traffic as it comes in from the Internet, then putting it back together before it goes onto your network? Even apart from asking what are you doing, is why? What is going to be achieved by this? Understanding the why would probably help people to understand what you’re trying to do?

I suspect the answer is going to be “use VLANS” but I don’t understand what the question is, so I’m only guessing.

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Think you should just do it and see if it’s possible, no harm in it though it sounds really unclear what your end goal is.