Traffic not going to freepbx server. Need advice on WAN/NAT Rules

Hello, it seems I managed to get my firewall to allow traffic to my freepbx server, unfortunately I didn’t lock it down to only my SIP provider, now my got completely spammed, think I had over 1703 calls by the time I checked. In a panic and whilst on my phone I was meant to disable the rules instead I deleted it -.- and didn’t backup the config.

I’ve recreated the rules to what I thought they would be, I can see on my WAN traffic is being allowed but my freepbx server isn’t showing any logs on the console of the calls and it doesn’t ring on my IP phone or on the phone I’m dialing my landline. Before I rebuilt the freepbx server I just want to QC my rules encase it was a stupid mistake I’ve made and over looked something.

Firewall Rules


Up State 1-200/576, View: default, Order: source port

udp In SIP-IP:5060 NO_TRAFFIC:SINGLE 00:00:07 00:00:26 4 3572
udp Out SIP-IP:5060 SINGLE:NO_TRAFFIC 00:00:07 00:00:26 4 3572

Thanks again, Leprejohn

We have nothing open / port forwarded in out firewall for FreePBX because we use the NAT.

Hi Tom. the SIP provider I’ve gone with, only gives me a SIP proxy for their host.

When I didn’t open any ports I couldn’t get the freepbx to work so I’m just trying to get it setup, I had it all working and stupidly deleted it so I’ve been stressing trying to figure out where I’ve gone wrong.

Int Proto Source → Router → Destination State
all udp (WAN-IP:5060) ← SIP provider:5060 NO_TRAFFIC:SINGLE

It seems no traffic is routing to the freepbx so maybe I’ve done something wrong