TP-Link ER605 VPN

Has anyone tried to link the TP-LINK ER605 to a PFSense Server. I am looking to have a box to allow remote users to access our network, mainly for our VOIP phone system. Right now I (as the admin) simply have an OpenVPN PFSense-PFSense server talking for my VPN. But trying to set this TP-Link, it seems to be more of a server device than a client device. I cannot do the full customization for OpenVPN as I can with PFSense, and wireguard doesn’t seem to work either. just wondering if anyone has reviewed this device.


I personally don’t trust TP-Link to be on top of security so I don’t use them.

I haven’t tried it, but I believe tp-links cannot do client vpn.
These routers are famous for this role: