Timing, its all about Timing!

Over the last couple of years, I have seen this question come up in my local area MSPs. All surrounding the questions of timing. Clients typically ask “How long for this to be done” & “when can I expect an update.” The other day it came up again and now that we have the forums, I can’t help but see what the collective mind has to say.

How do you handle things like:

  • Emails sent to team distro like support or helpdesk, do you have a point person that filters these?
  • ETAs to clients. (Open-ended things seem to be the struggle: Install X supposed to take 10 min but really takes 40)
  • After hour responses? Do you use an auto-reply on team distros indicating when the address is monitored and an ETA on items to be addressed?
  • Send an update for the sake of sending an update? Even if there is no change in what is going on? “Hi just updating you that we are still working on the ticket/issue we are working to get this addressed” or “Hi just dropping you a line to let you know we still are looking for the cause of the problem”
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  1. We reply in chat who is taking what (short list of internal people)
  2. best guess / somewhat open
  3. We reply in chat who is taking the call ( we get very few)
  4. Always send updates even if not fixed, let’s them know you did not forget.