Ticketing system video

Hi Tom,

I saw your twitter post about FreshDesk and am glad to see you’re testing out a ticketing system. I started using one since the early days of Spiceworks. When I left corporate IT and started my own MSP I went with Connectwise Manage.

When I saw your videos where you said you just worked out of a gmail box and your guys were kicking out invoices with invoice ninja I was having a hard time figuring out how you could keep track of things. Like if one tech fixed something for a client, could another tech look back and figure out how he resolve it.

At any rate, good luck with your trial. Have you thought about reaching out to Dave at MSP Radio as a guest? He has tons of experience in this area.

We do thing different and I could be wrong but there does not seem always seem to be as much interest in having me as a guest…lol.

As for the ticketing, when we solve an issue that is not an obvious thing solved via password reset or rebooting we create documentation on how to fix the issue so we don’t often need to reference the previous emails. Also most of our tickets come from project work, not from the MSP side so there are less repeat problems over all.

Also because we use GSUITE groups.google.com turns all the emails into a Google Groups so the message history looks looks more like a threaded forum post that we can all reply as the inbound support or sales emails.