Thoughts on proposed home office/network setup

I a re-doing an existing network with legacy Cisco firewall (16 port) and some VERY old wifi products.

Looking at Netgate 3100 or 5100 (might do latter to scale with bandwidth if use IDS). Will enable remote access but not immediate. Want to minimize subscription costs to mange/update switches firewall. Thus, untangle less appealing.

I need a managed a switch for ports and to segment IoT crap, 20-something kids back at home, cameras hooked to Surveillance station on Synology 718+ NAS, home computers, computer for work, printer, and adding new wireless APs. Home wired and Gig fiber; the 16 ports should cover me, particularly given existing hard wire throughout house. I have 3 PoE cameras. Could switch in time to PoE+ but not required.

Exisintg wired: 9
3 camers PoE (802.3af) 5.5M max = 17W
Adding APs, looking at
UniFi 6 Long-Range Access Point (when available) (802.3af; 16.5W max)
UniFi 6 Lite Access Point (802.3af; 12W max) .
Probably need 2 given the levels and size of house

The question – any thoughts or recommendations on a switch:

Unifi Switch lite 16 PoE (tight 45W re: PoE for expansion)
TP Link 16 Port easy smart (TL-SG1016PE)
or Netgate JGS516PE

Welcome input or challenge on the switch, the APs or Netgate appliance.

Thanks, happy holidays and stay safe.

The 3100 works well for home, the 5100 is going to have faster VPN. I have not tested the UniFi 6, but I am using the UnFi long range at my house and they work well. If you having UniFi access points it’s nice having the UniFi switch to make setting up VLANS easy.

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