Synology vs Truenas for SMB NAS

We’re trying to decide on a 12bay (not fully populated) 54TB 60user NAS and our budget will allow either a Synology or a iXsystems 2U system. The device will ONLY be a NAS (i.e. no other apps) and will be backed up nightly to another storage device via bonded SFP+ ports. I’ve watched your video where you discussed the pro’s and con’s of each vendor - but really didn’t choose one over the other. Talking with a iXSystems sales rep, he mentioned that their systems are more robust and offer WAY better service and support then Synology - but then again every sales rep states their product is better then the competition. I’d prefer not to flip a coin - Google has let me down, neither vendor is a clear winner (I do worry about poor support), so any hints to tip the decision one way or the other? Thanks for your input. Tom S.

Synology is a solid product but ZFS and the TrueNAS system is more scalable and is very robust and also open source.

What Tom said. Go with the TrueNAS you can’t beat ZFS for reliability and the scrubs protect against bit rot.