Syncthing causes truenas to respond very slowly

Hi all!

So i just got truenas up in xcp and so far everything works fine except the syncthing plugin. Here is what i did: get the plugin installed, look up group and user id for syncthing and create user and group with same id on truenas, made sure the directory and everything in it is owned by the syncthing user/group. When i add the folder everything seems fine, it starts scanning. Folder count goes up but suddenly stops and never move on. At this point the truenas webui and ssh is painfully slow to respond…

I tried too look around but i wasnt abvle to find an answer so i would appreciate any ideas. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Virtualizing TrueNAS is a bad idea and will cause weird issues. My guess would be slow drive access.

No i dont think its slow drive access, the hp h220 card (it mode ofc) is directly passed over to the VM and has 5 hdd’s hooked up to it. I started 2 copy tasks from the same host and both hit about 60 MB/s. Plus minidlna was pretty quick with the scanning, even though i have some pretty big video catalog.

(And it ended up as a VM because i dont have the funds to build a dedicated machine so this was the next best solution [otherwise i would have to ditch my linux VM’s running game servers for me and my friends].)

iozone output:
[removed, wrong pool was tested ]

Looks like you might be saturating a single gigabit connection if you are getting a total of 112MBps during transfers. You might need to live with the performance until you can buy a standalone server for the NAS. There are often good deals on ebay for used servers, ranging in price from around $150usd (shipped) to brand new several thousand dollar servers. Remember that you don’t need a lot of processor for Freenas/Truenas but 32GB or more of RAM is good if possible.

OFC since all of my clients gigabit only, thats not the issue (the XCP-NG host has a 4 port intel NIC aggregated together plus the integrated nic for mgmt access). BTW i screwed up iozone and ran it on the system disk which is stored on an ssd, here is the correct result:

My issue is that if i start the syncthing plugin and it starts to scan a local dataset it will cause something that results in a brutal system response slowdown.

Finally found it, disabled the watch for file changes option ad it works now…