Switch advice pls

Hi all,

I am setting up a new Network at my Home office and I am really undecided what switch to put in my new rack, I am deciding if its worth POE as I only have 3 uap ac pro and the cost is much higher for POE, also I think I should get a switch with SFP+ uplink for future proof right? (I have my own server) so the unifi 24 port switch poe and nonpoe do not have SFP+ so I am also looking at Mikrotik switches that do have SFP+, Here are the switches I am looking at.





us -24 250W


Vlans are the main thing I will be doing.

I am also open to any other suggestions.


I’d go with Ubiquity Edge Switches.

Unifi switches have some downsides: they depend on the controller to function, they are not as versatile, and I also don’t like the colour :slight_smile: (silver is just not my thing)

Go with mikrotik only if you have strong knowledge of networking in general and their products in particular. They are very troublesome to configure, documentation is not full (when with ubiquity switches you can look up any vlan question on youtube),

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Found this Cisco Switch on Amazon. Only got one SFP+ interface…but you’re gonna be able to VLAN anyway you want with this device and of course it’s got the industry-standard IOS to work with. Got all that you’re looking for…and looks like a price drop or sale going on. Good luck!

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The new Unifi Pro switches do have SFP+. The POE version is in production and the non-POE is still in early access for $300 less.

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It appears to me that the SG350-10P-K9-NA does not have SFP+, only 2 combo RJ45/SFP 1G.

Where did you see the SFP+ capability in the specs?

I would buy a Cisco 3560X-24P-S. Those switches are POE+ and can be found on ebay for $100. If you want 10G capabilities, you can find juniper switches that have poe+ and 10G for around $100 as well. Unless you want a brand new switch, the used enterprise market on ebay is killer. Cisco and Juniper are the next level above Ubiquiti.

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@chrismallia Look at the Edge Switches have enterprise features at very reasonable prices. Same company as Unify. I would think twice before buying a Cisco anything.

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Thanks guys you all were great. I went with the Mikrotik ccs326 as it was the cheapest with most features ( $139 new 2 SFP+ ). I am not new to mikrotik routers so I hope its not a pain lool, will see how swos goes.