Suggestions for 14 disk pool, with two disk sizes

I have 6 x 4TB WD RE enterprise SAS drives and 8 x 3TB WD RE enterprise SAS drives left over after upgrading some servers to SSDs. I have a 24 bay server with physical space available for all of them but was looking for suggestions on how to set it up. I prefer speed over space, and ideally one pool, so a 7-mirror raid10? Looking for suggestions. This will be in a Proxmox host so I will need to do it from the command line. Thanks!

I would personally do two RAID 10 arrays.

So two pools? I would prefer just one, even if it meant losing 1TB from each of the 4TB drives, effectively making 14 3TB drives in a raid10.

I don’t know if Proxmox supports this, but you might be able to create a single pool across both arrays. If that is the case I would likely build all Raid 1 arrays and create a single pool across them. This would give you more paths for faster performance. Might be something to try? However, your way should work just fine.

In the proxmox gui I was able to select all 14 drives as a raid10. It made 7 mirrors and a pool size of 24TB, so I guess that config is supported. I was expecting it to require the command line. Thanks for your help FredFerrell.

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