SSL - STunnel problem in Windows

Hi all,

im trying to implement STunnel to use to monitor clients over the internet through Zabbix I want to STunnel the ports… However, On one of the servers im install STuneel with GUI and it keeps giving me an error:

Address already in use, but it isnt. I’ve checked netstat and currports, the config for stunnel is set to - Doesn’t matter which port number I use stunnel will not bind.

Thats if I’m even doing this correct, the stunnel server is installed on my Zabbix server. Ports are opened up in pfsense for the tunnel, STuneel for Windows installed at Yon end (From here, - This is where im importing the certificates from the server and editing the config. I save the config and open STunnel from the desktop, the notification window appears - certificates pass but gives me a bind error!

I’ve tried different versions of Stunnel for Windows.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Why not use the Zabbix PSK system?