Sometimes emails get into spam folders

I send out emails to my clients (no bulkmail, just “regular” communication) using the SMTP on my own webdomain.
Sometimes I get calls from clients complaining they didn’t get my email, and often it’s in their spam folder.
I remember Tom saying in a video that his moving to Gsuite solved all this …
is this true ?
If I move my emailing to Gsuite I won’t have these problems anymore ?
how many mails can I send out per hour/day ?
Pascal “the chocolates guy”

Yes Gsuite solved this for me as keeping your mail servers out of spam filters can be a challenge. Another important thing is to make sure your domain does not get blacklisted for sending out too many emails.

Here are the rate limits for GSuite.

For what its worth, while GSuite does offer a lot of outbound emails, we are using MailGun for sending the email out from this forum which require a separate SPF record for this subdomain. And even though MailGun is popular & reputable service, they have still landed on a spam list which required me to open a support ticket to get emails to go out for this forum.

This is why I quit wasting my time on running my own email server.

Is THIS the domain in question? I use mx toolbox to find issues with e-mail.

no, it’s .com, .be is never used for email

so, we’re not blacklisted … good !
but still some people complain that our emails are catalogued as “spam” …
maybe we should look into moving everything over to Gsuite anyway … ?

You’ll have to set the spf record for your domain. It defines which IP is allowed to send e-mail in the domains name.

@pascalbelgium you can use to test if your email complies with the standard.
All you need to do is to send an email with a small content to the link shown when you open the webpage, then you will see informations like are your email encrypted, are the DNS records configured well, etc.

Also a good idea to subscribe to mxtoolbox’s free domain/ip blacklist notification service to get notified when you got blacklisted.

The problem there is that you’re (for ex.) hosting your mail server from an ISP like OVH, DigitalOcean (like this webpage hosted from), and it is not your fault, but some providers are blocking whole ip subnets when some spam-like activity has been detected.
Probably the biggest blacklist provider is the where you can also request address removals, but it may take some time or money.

So in conclusion i agree with @LTS_Tom and if you don’t have a heavy traffic, you should use GSuite as business mail service.

If you have a lot of emails which needs to be sent (bulk emails, newsletters etc.) you should use services like or theese are probably the best known ones.

Hope we helped you understanding this whole stuff.