[SOLVED] Pfsense WAN specific to LAN specific IP

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well!

I just have never messed with Pfsense before all that I messed with in my entire life was Iptables on Debian. I have a pfsense virtual machine inside of my esxi 7.0.0 host. Pfsense is get internet from a WAN and its IP is the LAN address is My personal laptop is on the WAN at What I wanna do is allow my laptop to talk to the LAN subnet on pfsense, but the issue is that the LAN subnet can talk to my laptop but my laptop can’t talk to it. I did some research and some people say that there needs to be a NAT rule that forwards traffic to the subnet from the WAN gateway using hybrid NAT!

Can someone guide me on how that would be implemented or just at least give me a key work and I will go look it up?

Thank you an advance,

I actually did it by adding a firewall rule to the WAN to pass through traffic from my laptop IP to and than I created a firewall rule on LAN to allow traffic from to and that made it all work. I was able to ping the VMs on the esxi host from my laptop, however I needed to add a static routing rule on my Ubuntu 20.04 laptop to tell it where to go if it needs to talk to

I really need to think twice before posting here but I think this is good because if people that face this visit this forum they would now what to do with all that being said admins please feel free to delete this if you think there is no point in having it on this forum.

Thank you.