Solution allowing users to change their own passwords

I was a bit perplexed when I ran in to the issue of allowing my users to set theor own passwords when I created my TrueNAS system. It never occurred to me that this would not be a feature.

So, now I am looking for a solution that allows me to manage users and permissions but also allows the user to maintain their own password.

I like the capabilities of TrueNAS, particularly ZFS, and I have experience with enterprise systems. I was hoping I would not need all the overhead to handle local shares at home.

I am not looking to base the solution on AD if I can help it. I am also not looking for Single Sign-On, but I am not opposed to the idea. Environment includes a couple Windows boxes (one connected to MS and one not), several Linux systems of various sizes, and a home network behind a pfSense firewall.

TrueNAS connects to other directory services but does not offer directory services that allow end user interaction. The only solutions I am aware of is connecting the system to one of those services.

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Is there another NAS that does provide this functionality?

At this point, I’m figuring I will have to just create another Linux server and allow my users to SSH in to change the password until I implement a Web service that will do the same thing from a browser.

Nothing turnkey that comes to mind it’s really not something we see many home user asking about. Business & enterprise users almost always have Active Directory.

That is a shame as both Synology and QNAP support this this in the WebGUI for the users.

I would prefer to use TrueNAS, but this is a significant miss for my use case.

I was hoping there was at least a plugin of some kind to handle this.