Software and h/w for VMs farm?

Need to get some advice from this forum.

I am thinking to build a box to host VMs/Containers for home/small buz use.
Nothing too powerful, want to host several say 2-3 Windows and 2-3 Linux VMs, possible to move pfSense to it

I like Intel NUCs I7 - they come with 32 GB RAM max.
I’d prefer 64GB, some people were saying that it’s possible for specific memory types (not sure if true?)

And for software - use

So wonder what other people use/suggest on this topic?


What’s your goal? To just host some VMs or to learn a virtualization platform? For a home lab I would probably use different hardware than for a business client, but the software would be the same.

Both goals, to host and learn
But home user

You could use that hardware. Would you run proxmox as your hypervisor for a business? I use Hyper-V for my clients, so that’s what I run in the lab.

I wonder if somebody knows an option of small PC box like NUC with IPMI capabilities ?

I saw something about Intel’s remote management module RMM but looking for real users’ experience.

The goal is to be able to manage box via console remotely

The little HP MicroServers have ilo. (Integrated Lights Out) You have to purchase a license for remote console after it boots, but it’s viable. They are great for a home lab because they are small and quiet.

Would you share a link to this product ?

Also how much is the a license you know?


The server:

HP makes a bunch of different configurations on those microservers. Some with Intel processors and the cheap ones use AMD.

ilo license:

Thanks, you gave me food to digest :roll_eyes:

Has @LTS_Tom done a review of these running FreeNAS?

They seem to be reasonably priced and capable.

STH has a new post building out a TrueNAS Core systen with VM Ware hosting compute nodes. Just saw it on Linkedin and is on their site was posted by IX Systems.