Small Virtual Lab

I am trying to fool around with pfsense in VirtualBox, I figured out how to make it so all other VMs have to connect to the pfsense VM to get internet what works great.

What i want to do not if introduce XCP-NG to play around with I assume this can not be installed in a VM and needs real hardware to work. My question is without having to buy an expensive server if i take an old PC i have laying around and install XCP-NG on it can I pipe it through my virtual PFsense install for routing instead of the actual router on my main network?

I am trying to put pfsense under real-world loads (for my use anyway) as a way to see if it would be feasible to use as my firewall in place of my OSG.

I apologize if this is hard to follow i work midnights and just woke up still waiting for the coffee to finish

I think you should be able to import your pfsense VM into xcp-ng and make life easier on yourself.

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Wow brain fart on my end will give that a shot. As mentioned earlier wrote that pre coffee lol