Slow performance on HAProxy

Hi, Everyone.

I have a problem with HAProxy, I have a Surveillance Station behind HAProxy. All devices is able to browse and stream the camera through HAProxy except for my Google Pixel 7. Using Google Pixel 7, I am able to connect to Surveillance Station but once I open the a camera or try to play the recording, it does not show anything on the phone. The Pixel 7 was working before but suddenly stop. If I go to HAProxy statistics I can see that there is Error->Resp column value is increasing.


If I bypass the proxy, connect the SS client to SS server it works fine. As mention there are different clients (Iphone and desktop computer) that connects to SS server through HAProxy and they are working fine.

My question is this, where can I find the logs for HAProxy so I can identify what this error means or where the error is coming from?

I am guessing that is a websocket problem and there is a post here covering how to fix it

Hi, Tom.

Thanks for responding to my post unfortunately that won’t work because I am the one who posted that solution. That shows my connection was working before and just suddenly stop. That configuration is still in place and nothing has change in regards to the HAProxy configuration.

Hi, Everyone.

I have finally made it worked, I have checked the SS client that was installed when the issue is happening and it is version 3.8. I have uninstalled ds cam and re-installed it and the version that I was able to download 3.7.2-1037. For some reason I was upgraded to 3.8 which is weird.

Since downgrading, my access to the camera right now through HAProxy is now working

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