SLAs. Hard to ask but can anyone share?

Hello guys.

Just started running my first customer as an MSP. The customer is a fellow friend with a Law Firm with about 70 people in total.

Specifics of a Law Firm here is the use of two specific software packages. Other than that is a plain services provider company (Microsoft 365, AD… etc).
All software runs on local servers aside from Microsoft 365.

As for the current pandemic 85-90% of employees are working from home.

Since MSP is new for us and the customer, we agreed SLAs would be set at the 3rd month after we could evaluate the scenario (which is a bit chaotic, but not impossible to solve).

Could anyone share (I know I may be asking too much) a baseline for SLA that is proximate to this scenario or any scenario of a service provider customer.

Thank you very much!


I would be happy to share but for 4 things

  1. I’m in the UK so not sure it would work for you (Assuming you are not)
  2. It’s about 10 years old and does not really cover GDPR properly
  3. Technically it’s a consultancy agreement not a SLA
  4. I am in the process of trying to find examples to help me replace it!

If you still wanted to see a copy then I’ll send it over on a PM but I don’t think it’s really the best place to start. I did find some stuff on google a couple of years ago when I last looked, if you haven’t tried it might be worth a shot. The term “ethical service level agreement” is coming to mind for some reason.

Good afternoon Gareth,

I would realy be gratefull to talk to you, even considering your “but for 4 things”. I’ll PM you in a bit.



Just spotted your message, will continue over there

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