Single Sign-on for FreeNAS, Wi-Fi (RADIUS) etc

Hi all,

I’m just wondering what other people have implemented at the moment.

We’re a mostly Linux household (with only 2 or 3 Windows client machines). Everything else, including my desktop and servers are either Linux or FreeBSD based.

I currently run RADIUS authentication on my Wi-Fi network but would like to implement some kind of centralised user management for the commonly used resources on my network. FreeNAS, NextCloud, Proxmox and WiFi authentication are the main ones.

Can anyone recommend a non-Active Directory solution to achieve at least some level of SSO capability?

I’ve used RHDS in the past, but there are so many to choose from… You can use it with RADIUS which should work for almost anything.

Thanks FredFerrell, you mentioned you used it in the past? Is there any particular reason you stopped using it?

It was a previous deployment for a customer, but it is still in use today by the operations team.

Have a look at freeRADIUS too.

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