SimpNAS Beta Released

Hello I wanted to post on here regarding a new project we have been working on called SimpNAS. Its similar to OpenMediaVault or FreeNAS but simpler and more basic. Its currently in Beta but we are looking to have a stable release by the time Kobol ARM NAS gets released. It can be installed intel or arm based computers as long as it has two hard drives one for the OS and one for Data. For example we have it installed on an ODroid HC2, but can be installed on any PC. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Check it out here

Thanks for looking


Really like the concept think have a look at it and see whats what good job and it’s open source which makes it better for people to help you out with it

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The project is really cool, a pity that just like OMV and FreeNAS needs 2 disks to be able to run … I am an OMV user for several years, but this week I had to go back and install Zentyal because I needed to upload a fileserver to a project with only 1 HD and backup in the cloud and none of the options above that are the ones I use the most, supports this. =(

Hi @tacioandrade We will go ahead and add single drive support, keep en eye for it this week, thanks for checking it out. Keep an eye on our git commits for the update

Hi @eoghan Thank you, we are working really hard and trying to full fill people needs we are all ears as long as we keep it simple and clean.


Single Drive support has been added give it whirl let us know if you run into any issues

Great news, I will follow the project, if you have a page on Facebook or Twitter to follow also where the news comes out let me know because I am interested in following, because the project looks quite interesting. =)
I just can’t test this month because I’m moving to another apartment and have 2 systems deployments at the same time. =(
But as soon as possible I will stop to test and give feedback.

oh dear god why are they naming it simp :joy:

I just looked up what simp is. lol and that is not what my intention was but I think it totally needs incorporated into the slogan some how hahaha Thanks for sharing I love it!! =]