Simple, open source, internet speed monitoring?

Hey all,

Any suggestions for a quick and easy to use broadband speed / ping testing tool for short term monitoring?

I have a customer who thinks they have an internet issue and I want to check the broadband connection say, every 5 mins for ping and every hour for UL/DL is there something simple and straightforward that will do this. I feel like the “best” solution would be Zabbix but that feels like overkill.

I am in need of something similar, following. Running on a raspberry pi would be a plus.

I think going forward I am going to start using Domotz on a Pi for all contracted customers. It’ll cost me £50 to get them setup and then £30 or so per month but I can just add that to the bill and it gives quite a bit of visibility.

However for one off, not contracted customers… That’s where I need something quick easy and cheep.

I suppose you are seeking something like ? I’ve not come across anything that could say run speed tests and then graph them periodically. I do have zabbix but I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted.

There is a speedtest addon for Zabbix but I couldn’t get it to work, you might want to investigate if you have the time.

I’d be curious on a solution too.