Shutdown xcp-ng host during off-hours

Hey All,

Wondering if I can do the following. I find my self not using the server from 12am to 6am and during this time, the server is eating up power, doing a rough calc, I will be saving roughly $10 a month just shutting it down during off hours. I understand a VM host needs to be up and alive 24/7/365 but would like it if I can shut it down cleanly, then auto start at 6am.

Xen Orchestra can schedule VM shutdowns, not sure how to get an XCP-NG host to auto power up and down, depends on the motherboard and if there is an external method to get it done.

Wake-on-LAN, as Tom says depend on your mobo.
You might have better luck with a hibernate (e.g. systemctl suspend) than full shutdown.

Failing that:

Or roll your own with solenoid, remote switch, etc.
Guessing this is not a production environment.

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