Should I Keep Using The Solarwinds MSP Tools Since Their December 2020 Security Incident?

Very good evaluation and summary. Unless there exist a known or suspect breach of their MSP product it would not make sense to change RMM tools. We learned our lesson after changing from Kaseya to N-able 5 years ago. The grass is greener because there is more bullshit. Both products are equally overall very good with there strengths and weaknesses. Cost us about 900 man hours to change platforms for no real improvement in our business. We were in the 3K endpoint range at that time. Do be sure to secure the platform however! Disable supports accounts and SSH when not in use. Make MFA mandatory. Have a maintenance plan that includes monitoring for new security patches and updates and install them.

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Of note…Some Solarwinds systems were protected by password ‘solarwinds123’… You would think privileged access to their update server should require some sort of MFA and also have logins on security logs reviewed regularly.