SG2100 Firmware Update RANT

I used to hate pfsense then started using the Netgate appliances and what a difference life can be with proper hardware. Been my go-to for years. Have a few people running on SG-2100s… some family and a small office.

Trying to update them from 22.05 to the latest and received an error that the EFI partition is too small. It came with 16GB of emmc storage, which says 42%-44% is free on each one of the SG2100s. Am now being told by TAC that I need to load the image provided by TAC support (in less than 10 min, they really are amazingly fast) and then restore my backup config. This is easy peasy but I’m just annoyed and ranting that this is even a fix. The image is small 1.6 GB and now I have to go to each one console in to update them.

Does anyone else find this extremely unfortunate or is this self-inflicted by not staying up to date to begin with?

Same thing happens if you increase the storage space on a Windows VM, the free space is not contiguous so you can’t just extend the primary partition.

What you might have been able to do is boot up on a Linux rescue disk, run gparted (or other tool), and move/shrink the partitions to give you free space, then expand the EFI partition to the amount needed.

The above windows example solves by giving more drive space, booting to a linux disk and using a partition tool to move the recovery partition to the end of the space. You can then boot back into windows and have contiguous free space to expand the primary partition. I have only done this on my lab, I have more space on my production so I’ve been more generous with production VM’s.

I get that with EFI but they built the device they build the software so does that mean they know it doesn’t work and this is what needs to be done for every 2100?

I had this exact experience with my SG-2100 and figured it was just bad luck. @sysman923, did you run into the same issue with all of your SG-2100’s or did some update fine?

We threw in the towel on the 2100, broke down and bought a 4100. The 2100 never seemed to work correctly and was slowwwwww. Had a 5100, but the onboard memory failed! Resurrected it, briefly, with some solid state memory, but, eventually, it wouldn’t boot and went to recyling. Netgate TAC support has been superb, which is why we keep buying their appliances, but our patience is wearing thin.

other than this and an SG1100 emmc failure I haven’t had complaints when using netgate hardware.

my problem is the fact they sat around some zoom meeting or table for a firmware meeting and went… good to go for all devices??? oh yeah but the 2100 people their storage isn’t big enough so they all have to reset and restore from backups. Great push it out…

yes all of them have the same issue seems documented everywhere that this is an issue. Their process did work and my SG2100 is up to date

The 2100 series may or may not let you upgrade, depending on the size of your boot partition. It’s recommended to backup your config and then run a complete USB recovery, choosing ZFS as the file system. See this Netgate forum post

yea awful design on their part. Backup and restore to upgrade…laziness