SG-5100 IPv6 to another router

I have a SG-5100 and I’m trying to give a router that’s plugged into it on the LAN side a IPv6 address (I only get a /60 on the WAN so it would have to be a /64 on the LAN) this router is capable of getting the address via DHCPv6 with prefix delegation, how would I set up prefix delegation on the LAN port to give to my second router. P.S on the WAN I get it VIA dhcpv6.

SG-5100 -> router -> clients that need IPV6

Sorry, i currently don’t use IPV6.

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Very disappointing Tom how could you do such a thing. You gotta get on the new internet immediately it’s a night and day difference :joy:. Have you set anything like this up for a client? Maybe that could be of some guidance to me?

Nope, we currently have no clients using IPV6.

Wouldn’t have thought so very interesting, once I figure out how to do this should I share it?

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