SG-3100 for home use - what packages to install?

Hello, New to this forums, but have been a fan of Lawrence Systems for a while. I have a question regarding recommended packages to install on an SG-3100 for use in a home office? I have read many of Tom’s how-to articles, and at this point I have only installed pfBlockerNG-Dev. I have it configured for DNS Blocking, and GeoIP blocking. Not running any servers behind it, so not thinking SNORT/Suricata is needed. Dont need to do any content filtering either. Would appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you!

Unless you have a need to VPN back home, pfblocker is all you really need then. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, Tom!

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Quick question Tom on top of what Burner27 was asking, I would like to use open VPN to have access to my home when I’m away. This would be the only thing making a hole in the firewall. So is there any need to run anything else besides pfBlocker NG?