SG-1100 with Linksys Router

Hi, I am a bit of a newbie at firewalls and networking - and to this forum as well.

I have a Linksys EA69000 router that is providing wired and wireless internet on a 192.168.0.x/24 network and would like to keep it like this.

I have a Netgate SG-1100 that I would like to install as the FW only, for now, what is the best way to achieve this without changing the IP addresse of the Linksys box?

Forgive me if this was previously addressed or I have not provided enough information.

Thanks in advance,

You best bet is to turn that linksys router into a switch by turning off DHCP and all routing functionality, then have your sg-1100 configured to provide dhcp and routing for the 192.168.0.x/24 subnet for a specific port on that SG device (if not bridging the ports). Basically, SG goes into the ISP (WAN port) > Linksys plugged into a configured SG port (lan port) = you’re in business. With the default rules in pfsense, everything will be allowed out but all connections initiated from outside will be blocked (default deny).

My choice would be to plug the WAN on the SG-1100 into the linksys, plug the rest of your network into the SG-1100 LAN port configure the SG-1100 to use something other than on it’s LAN

Thanks David, seems like a easy enough design.


Thanks garethw, will consider what you and David said and give feedback on which way I go.

Appreciate the feedback!


It sounds like you are trying to save yourself the expense of a switch! If you are it’s a false economy. In your situation with pfsense I’d buy a managed switch and a proper access point for a house. If you are just located in a room the Linksys can be used as an AP, though it won’t handle vlans, you’d need to flash it with something like OpenWRT.